Why impudent?

It’s not an obvious choice I grant you that. I could have gone for “thelufts” or “lufty”. But that seemed ordinary. I wanted something with a bit more bite.

At the same time I was thinking about what name to have for my domain name I was designing my first MegaGame. This game was set in the early stages of the Wars of the Roses – 1450-1485. The sound-bite title “kingmaker” had already been taken by the classic boardgame of the same title.

So I went to my trusty “Oxford Dictionary of Quotations” and browsed through the quotable bits of Shakespeare’s Henry VI and Richard III plays. I liked the following quote:

“Peace! impudent and shameless Warwick, peace
Proud setter up and puller down of kings”
Henry VI, part 3, III.iii.156

I re-worked this quote to give me the title for my game: “Shameless and Impudent Lords”.

I started to like the word Impudent. It appeared on my computer files, my ring-binder files, my computer folders, my archived zipped files; I even started toying with the idea of “produced by impudent games”. I liked the word.

People often mis-hear my domain name as “impotent”. Hey ho!