Who goes first?

Who goes first is a simple question and can often be answered with a simple dice rolling contest etc. However, if you want to keep your learners on their toes try using a different method to nominate the first player.

This is a good ideas as the learners have to listen and understand a new set of instructions at the start of each game.

Here is a set of suggestions I have used.

  1. Whose future birthday is the closest to today?
  2. Who had the last birthday?
  3. Who last ate “a boiled egg,” “a tortilla,” “fish and chips,” etc.
  4. Who last journey was by boat, bike, car, plane, coach, bus, minibus?
  5. Who last made a journey to an island?
  6. Who last swam in the sea, swimming pool, river?
  7. Who can add up three numbers and divide by 3 the quickest. (Write these on the blackboard.)
  8. All roll dice and the highest / lowest goes first. Highest draws keep rolling until one is the highest.
  9. Shuffle a deck of cards and deal one to each player, the lowest or highest goes first. Highest / lowest draws keep rolling until one is the highest.
  10. Who last went to the theatre, cinema, concert, etc.
Maybe you could write a list of ideas or make a set of cards and use them each time you want to decide “who goes first?”

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