Spaced Learning – Activities for the intervals

Spaced Learning* is a teaching method that inserts ten minute intervals between three teaching sessions of 15 – 20 minutes.

This blog covers suitable activities for these Intervals.
The Intervals should:
  1. Have nothing to do with the main subject being taught.
  2. Preferably involving physical activities
  3. And be fun
An example used is making something – an elephant – out of play dough or Plasticine, or learning to juggle bean bags.
It is the intention of this blog to record, list, suggest and even inspire you with suitable activities to fill these Intervals. In practice I have found it difficult to create new suitable activities. If you have any suggestions please contact me.

Spaced Learning – further reading

* If you want to know more about Spaced Learning for a long read go to Spaced Learning: The Design, Feasibility  and Optimisation of SMART Spaces or for a quick read go to this Wikipedia page on Spaced Learning

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