The Teacher I Strive to Be

Why I write a blog

I write about teaching, learning and education policy. My speciality is teaching Computer Science and Computer Games Design to 16+ students in London, UK.

It is my intention to write a blog post about the above subjects once a month as I strive to become a better teacher. Some posts will be anecdotal moments of epiphany from my teaching practice; some will be reactions to articles, videos, books I have read; and others will be reflections on experience.

My Teaching and Learning Mental Model

I also include here a set of statements about teaching, learning, and education that I have either borrowed or written myself. These should be taken as a summary of my mental model of how to teach and learn.

  • “Do not say I have taught it if I have only used teacher talk.”
  • “Do not say they have learnt it if they have not practised it successfully several times over a month.”
  • “It is not just about engaging them; it’s about engaging them in activities that require analysis, processing and practice.”
  • “When designing an activity ask what skill they will use to accomplish the outcome. Are they good skills?”
  • “If your method reaches only the attentive students, then you must either invent new methods or call yourself a failure.” Price, Reynolds. (2000) Feasting the heart.




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