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The Teacher I Strive to Be

Why I write a blog

I write about teaching, learning and education policy. My speciality is teaching Computer Science and Computer Games Design to 16+ students in London, UK.

It is my intention to write a blog post about the above subjects once a month as I strive to become a better teacher. Some posts will be anecdotal moments of epiphany from my teaching practice; some will be reactions to articles, videos, books I have read; and others will be reflections on experience.

My Teaching and Learning Mental Model

I also include here a set of statements about teaching, learning, and education that I have either borrowed or written myself. These should be taken as a summary of my mental model of how to teach and learn.

  • “Do not say I have taught it if I have only used teacher talk.”
  • “Do not say they have learnt it if they have not practised it successfully several times over a month.”
  • “It is not just about engaging them; it’s about engaging them in activities that require analysis, processing and practice.”
  • “When designing an activity ask what skill they will use to accomplish the outcome. Are they good skills?”
  • “If your method reaches only the attentive students, then you must either invent new methods or call yourself a failure.” Price, Reynolds. (2000) Feasting the heart.




Continuing professional development

Some comments of continuing professional development (CPD) from one perspective – how to learn, re-skill and survive and from the other view, what is redundant and not worth learning.

“I spend almost all my time (when not working with clients) on professional development. I read, I attend conferences, I learn new skills. This is the kind of professional development that companies simply no longer offer anymore to their regular employees. My company exists not just to service my clients, but to keep me current and employable.”

How to thrive in the tech industry for decades