Game Design: “Remember, Kill Chain”

My aim was to design a game about the command, control and communications aspect of modern warfare, integrating near-real-time surveillance and intelligence with a live boots-on-the-ground operation. 

As I pondered my design I realised that this game would be well suited to being played using a computer to control the information input. I realised that I could create a PowerPoint presentation with each message on a slide and use a timer to display them.

Player Teams

The players would be split into two teams:

Predator Crew.

This team controlls a Predator drone. Who would read and interpret the intelligence flowing into their control rooms

ODA Unit

Another team controlling the boots on the ground unit (Operational Detachment Alpha – ODA) who would receive phone messages from the Predator team giving their interpretation of the intelligence.

The commander of the second team makes the decisions.

The game requires between 3 to 4 players, with one or two controls. On the day we had four players, and myself as control and another 6 people who watched the game.

It took 10 minutes to brief the players and 15 minutes to play the game.

PowerPoint presentations

Remember, Kill Chain is available as a zipped file containing the three PowerPoint presentations I used on the 6 May 2018 to run the game.

In my review of the game in Military Muddling I point out the improvements I need to make to this game.

This version of the game is presented “warts and all”. It will work as a game, but it is here to inform any reader of the design, not so that it can be played “out of the box”.