Game: “Remember, Kill Chain”

This is a game about the command, control and communications aspect of modern warfare, integrating near-real-time surveillance and intelligence with a live boots-on-the-ground operation. It requires a minimum of 4 players, and possibly one umpire.

The scenario used is known as the “Uruzgan helicopter attack”, 21 February 2010, which ended in the killing of 27 Afghan civilians, and wounding of 12 others, including women and children when US attack helicopters destroyed a civilian convoy, in the mistaken belief they were a Taliban convoy of reinforcements.

As I pondered my design I realised that this game would be well suited to being played using a computer to control the information input. I realised that I could create a PowerPoint presentation with each message on a slide and use a timer to display them.

Player Teams

The players would be split into two teams:

Predator Crew.

This team controlls a Predator drone. Who would read and interpret the intelligence flowing into their control rooms

ODA Unit

Another team controlling the boots on the ground unit (Operational Detachment Alpha – ODA) who would receive phone messages from the Predator team giving their interpretation of the intelligence.

The commander of the second team makes the decisions.

The game requires between 3 to 4 players, with one or two controls. On the day we had four players, and myself as control and another 6 people who watched the game.

It took 10 minutes to brief the players and 15 minutes to play the game.

PowerPoint presentations

Remember, Kill Chain is available as a zipped file containing the three PowerPoint presentations I used on the 6 May 2018 to run the game.

In my review of the game in Military Muddling I point out the improvements I need to make to this game.

This version of the game is presented “warts and all”. It will work as a game, but it is here to inform any reader of the design, not so that it can be played “out of the box”.