Games I Have Produced

I like to design games. I do it as a hobby. I have been playing and designing games most of my life.

I have designed wargames, boardgames, megagames and some simple computer games.

On this page I keep links to some of the games I have designed. Some links lead to the game itself, others to the rules only.

Computer Games

Battle Drill – command a section in fighting in Normandy, 1944. [Playable Twine game]

Hill 70 – take command of a German battalion counter-attacking at the Battle of Loos, 1915. [Playable Twine game]

On His Most Catholic Majesty’s Service – take command of a Spanish Fusta and go on patrol in the Med, 1551. [Playable Twine game]


Against the Nature of Gentleness (2002). [Rules only] | Player Rules | Umpires Rules

Shameless and Impudent Lords (1999). [Rules only] | Players Handbook | Umpires Handbook

Committee Games

Remember, Kill Chain. [Rules and instructions to download and play]