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Spud head

Learning Aim

Learning each others names and an icebreaker.

Game Synopsis

A quick, fun game, requiring no resources.


Get everyone sitting in a circle with the teacher in the circle too. It could be done with everyone standing if there are no chairs. Sitting is best though.

The teacher tells the group that they are going to forget their own names.

Rules of the game

  1. The teacher starts the game (or use a random process – spinning a bottle or pencil etc.)
  2. The first person points at a person and the pointer says their own name
    1. If you don’t say your name you are a spud head and are out
    2. If you point at a person who is already a spud head you are a spud head too, and are out. 
    3. If the group decides they cannot work out who your are pointing at you are a spud head too and are out.
  3. The person pointed at now points at a new person etc.
A person who is a spud head puts their fist on their forehead.


The last person who is not a spud head wins!