This site contains links to some of the games I have designed, and the blogs I write on games, teaching, learning and education.

Games I Have Produced

I design board games and computer games as a hobbyist. I also teach Computer Games Design. Here is are links to some of the games I have created.

Twine Game: Hill 70

In this game you take on the role of Major Gause, an officer commanding a battalion of infantry in the Imperial German Army, in Lens, France, 25th September 1915. You make decisions based on the problems the Major Gause encountered. Your mission is to defend the German positions against a British and French assault.

Hill 70

Powerpoint Game: Remember, Kill Chain

This is a game about the command, control and communications aspect of modern warfare, integrating near-real-time surveillance and intelligence with a live boots-on-the-ground operation. It requires a minimum of 4 players, and possibly one umpire. The scenario used is known as the “Uruzgan helicopter attack”, 21 February 2010.

“Remember, Kill Chain”

Megagame: Shameless and Impudent Lords – 1999

This was a megagame, I ran in 1999, for 40 players. A megagame is a multiplayer and multi-team game, played over one day. The game was about the political and military rivalry during the Wars of the Roses in the 1450s.

Shameless-and-Impudent-Lords – Umpires Handbook 
Shameless-and-Impudent-Lords – Players Handbook

The Teacher I Strive to Be

I write about teaching, learning and education policy. My speciality is teaching Computer Science and Computer Games Design to 16+ students in London, UK.

It is my intention to write a blog post about the above subjects once a month as I strive to become a better teacher. Some posts will be anecdotal moments of epiphany from my teaching practice; some will be reactions to articles, videos, books I have read; and others will be reflections on experience.

The Teacher I Strive to Be

My Commonplace Book

A Commonplace Book is “a book into which notable extracts from other works are copied for personal use.”

Commonplace Book